PrehKeyTec – MCI 3000/3100 Programmable Keyboard

The MCI 3000 comes with a standard alphanumeric layout, plus F1 to F12 function keys and a number pad. To provide more space for shortcuts and macros, the MCI 3100 version adds an extra row of multifunction keys. Our programmable keyboards help you work faster and more efficiently in all types of software – whether it’s standard, industry-specific or custom.

Alpha layout with numeric block
OPOS / Java POS; Menu-driven programmer software
USB and PS/2 interface
Magnetic Card Reader
– Bi-directional card swipe
– Reads track 1, 2 and 3 according ISO 7810 and 7811
– Additional configuration: AAMVA,CADL
– 5 position keylock
– Coloured keys
– Customised labelling of keys
– Glidepad
– 1 or 2 smart card reader

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