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Electronic Shelf Label

Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) is a modern technology that replaces traditional paper price tags with electronic and programmable display labels on store shelves. These labels are connected to a central system and can be update in real-time to reflect price changes, promotions and other information. ESL system are gaining substantial traction within the retail sector, signifying their pivotal role in the industry’s future. These digital price tags and shelves monitoring offer myriad advantages to both retailers and customers, enhancing efficiency, convenience and personalisation throughout the shopping experience. A principal benefit of ESL system lies in their capacity for real-time updates of prices and product information. This capability not only conserves time and resources for retailers but also aligns in-store prices with online listings, thereby improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

ESL System

Comprehensive digital labelling and shelves monitoring management solutions, tailored to meet the needs of the consumer electronics, grocery, pharmaceutical and fashion industries.

Improved Accuracy

ESL eliminate human error in price labelling and ensure that prices are always up to date and accurate. ESL ensure consistent accurate prices, boosting store efficiency and customer satisfaction by removing manual checks.

Increase Efficiency

Retailers can update prices centrally and monitor shelves instantly across all stores, saving time and manpower required for manual changes and tracking.

Seamless Service

ESL provide more detailed product information, promotions, real-time price changes and stock replenishment, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Cost Saving

ESL reduce costs associated with printing and distributing paper price tags, as well as labour costs for manual price changes and stock count.

Competitive Advantage

Retailers that implement ESL project a modern and innovative image, which aids in attracting a broader customer base. ESL streamline price management, enhance accuracy and empower retailers to stay competitive in a dynamic market.

Radiant Global ADC provides a comprehensive digital transformation platform designed for retailers aiming to transition their business into the digital realm. Through our robust solution, retailers can now utilise Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) for a variety of applications, ensuring accurate pricing at all times. Build your digital store today!

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