Honeywell – Dolphin CT60 Handheld Terminal

The Dolphin CT60 is packed with features to keep workers connected and productive all day long. The advanced network connectivity facilitates large file transfers, video streaming, and quick remote access to business applications with enough battery power to last an entire shift. The rugged design withstands accidental drops and falls, yet is ergonomic and lightweight for comfortable, everyday use.

1D, 2D
Each Android version guaranteed from 7.1 to at least 11/R, committed support for Android 12 and 13 pending feasibility
2.2 GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660 octo-core
Memory: 3GB or 4GB DDR4; Flash Memory: 32GB
Drop Resistance
From 2.4 m / 8 ft on a concrete floor
IP65, IP67
1 year factory warranty

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