Datalogic – QuickScan 2100 Cordless Barcode Scanner

The QuickScan 2100 series of imagers provide snappy barcode reading capabilities ideal for everyday operations. They offer a wide scanning angle with an extended scanning line that’s particularly useful for capturing longer and wider barcodes frequently found on utility bills or electronic components. The scanning line is also thinner and brighter, which allows users to scan at broad angles without having to increase the distance between the scanner and the code. The 2100 family of corded devices include two linear imagers – QD2100 and QW2100 – while the cordless scanners come in two versions: QBT2100 /QM2100.

QD2131: 1D
QW2100: 1D, Postal Codes, Stacked Codes
QD2131: Black, White
QW2100: Black
Drop Resistance
From 1.5 m / 5.0 ft on a concrete floor
Read Rate
400 reads/sec
QD2131: 5 years factory warranty
QW2100: 3 years factory warranty

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