DIebold Nixdorf - Wincor Beetle /Mini

DIebold Nixdorf - Wincor Beetle /Mini

The modular POS that’s small in size, big on value and performance!

Retail-specific interfaces

The Beetle /mini comes with one nonpoweredserial port (RS232), 3 poweredserial ports, 6 USB 2.0 ports, and oneparallel port as standard. The benefits of secured poweredinterfaces are better cable managementleading to fewer potential points of failureand reduced support costs. If additional IO ports are required, it has afull height PCI card slot.

Compact, rugged chassis

Measuring only 254mm by 216mm, and128 mm high, the Beetle /mini occupiesa small footprint which allows retailers tomake the most of valuable counterspace.

Investment protection

The Beetle /mini will be available on along term basis as the processor is onIntels Embedded program with extendedlifecycle support. This simplifies POS rollouts over a long period of time as wellas reduces maintenance costs due toeasier spare parts management.

Designed to withstand the rigors of anyretail environment, including operatingenvironment temperatures of 40degrees Celsius (compared to astandard PC with 35 degrees), you cancount on the Beetle /mini to offer yearsof reliable service.

Embedded OS support

One great way of reducing acquisitioncosts is to run Microsoft WindowsEmbedded for Point of Service orWEPOS. WEPOS is a powerful coreoperating system that seamlesslysupports retail applications, hardwareand peripherals based on industrystandards such as UPOS, OPOS andJavaPOS.

Low power consumption

The processor has a thermal designpower of a mere 4 W. Coupled with theavailability of powered interfaces forperipheral, and a 12VDC port to power aLCD display, the Beetle /mini requiresmuch less power to work, thereforelowering your operating expenses. EachPOS system requires only 2 powerpoints, one for the CPU, the other for areceipt printer.