Champtek - SK-50

Champtek - SK-50

SK50 Self-service SCAN KIOSK with touch screen and media display function, designed to help retailer increase their business, reduce the operation cost and improve customer shopping experience.

SK50 provide customers self-service applications, such as price check, sample music listening and watch the promotion video, with user friendly interface and rotatable scan window provides easy to operate and help customer to make purchase decision more easily and faster.

SK 50 Expandable ability can easily build on by adding third-party USB/RS232/GPIO peripherals, including printers, magnetic stripe readers, keyboards, Entry/Exit-Gate control function, optional RFID reader or magnetic stripe readers feature to support gift card balance, check membership card points and use personal discount coupons.SK50 allows shoppers to retrieve the required information without seeking the assistance of staff to make more informed purchase decisions. 

Powerful management built-in Web Server for simple access , remotely configure, diagnose, monitor and troubleshoot devices SK50 also provides developer SDK Software Suite support with example Source Code .SK50 will continuously to help retailer with advance  technology and stay ahead of the retail industry .